Sport Fucker Silicone Dipstick

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Dipstick by Sport Fucker is designed for short to long term play! Made from medical grade silicone and moves with your body in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.

The attached glans ring helps lock the dipstick into place and we even added a ventral ball that will rub you the right way and feed your devious mind with erotic pleasures. The actual Insertable has gradual oval eggs that increase with size ever so slightly that will keep your rod pulsing in pure bliss.

Glans Ring: 35 mm/1.25 inch (Interior diameter of glans ring)

Ventral ball: 8 mm/.3 inch (Diameter of ball) Tubing diameter: 5 mm/.2 inch Insertable 

Depth: 100 mm/3.937 inches Always wash before and after each use Use with sterile lubricants. we recommend our sterile lubricating jelly 

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